JG STAR Dragon AEG Airsoft Gun

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Price: $170.00
Kit Price: $170.00
Extra Battery
Gun includes a battery. Those listed below are extras that have been tested for fit and compatibility.
None Selected Included in Total Price
8.4v 1200mah NiMH (with adaptor) Intellect Add $20.95
Smart Charger
Gun package includes a basic non-auto off wall charger. For best performance, battery life, and play time, we highly recommend the use of a smart charger
None Selected Included in Total Price
Tenergy 7.2v-12v Smart Charger Deluxe Add $29.95
BBs/Ammo (6mm)
BBs listed below are recommended for use. The use of poor quality BBs will void any warrant and may damage your gun.
None Selected Included in Total Price
1 bag AE 0.20g Black BBs 4000 rds Add $10.75
1 bag AE 0.23g BBs 2500 rds Add $10.50
1 bag TSD 0.25g BBs Black 5000 rds Add $15.00
1 bag TSD 0.26g BBs Biodegradable 5000 rds Add $25.00
Eye/Face Protection
Face / Eye protection not included but strongly recommended.
None Selected Included in Total Price
HFC Mesh Mask Black Add $24.95
HFC Mesh Mask OD Green Add $24.95
HFC Goggle Mask OD Green Add $24.95
Extra Magazine
Everyone needs at least one extra magazine.
None Selected Included in Total Price
JG M4 300 rds Magazine Add $14.95
Classic Army M4 68 rds Magazine Add $18.95
Classic Army M4 300 rds (TAN) Magazine Add $24.95
Echo 1 M4 300 rds Magazine Add $23.00
G&P M4 130 rds Magazine Add $23.95
There is not alot we can say about the Dragon that will make it any cooler.  This is the ultimate SMG when it comes to hard hitting, knock-down power.  It has no equal.

The JG Star Dragon is based on a standard M4 chassis and uses standard M4 magazines. The uniquely designed outer shell is comprised of a nylon composite material, rubber, and zinc alloy.
If you want the ultimate in all close quarter sub machine guns, then pack a Dragon.

  • Adjustable Hop Up
  • Nylon and Zinc Alloy Construction
  • Retractable Stock
  • Includes Barrel Extension/Silencer Adapter
**Not Compatible with box or c-mags.**

ManufacturerJG (JING GONG)
Type (power source)AEG (Electric)
Velocity360+ fps w/.20g
Rate of Fire750-850 rpm
Weight7.85 LBS
Gear BoxVersion 2 - Metal
Charger IncludedYes
Battery IncludedYes
Battery LocationFront Upper Body
Battery (recommended) 8.4v (small brick or split style)
Plug TypeSmall
Magazine IncludedYes: 1 x 170 rd
Recommended BB.20g - .25g 6mm
Inner Barrel LengthTBD
Made InChina

Package Includes: Magazine (1 x 170 rd), Battery, Charger, Barrel Extension/Silencer Adapter, Cleaning Rod, Battery Installation Sheet - No M4 Manual

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1. Roy said on 4/10/2012,
Purchased on 3/23/2012

Like that you test weapon befor shipping. Would like the sight ajustment guide though. 25 gram bb's are hard to track when firring.Using blak ones though. Overall love the weapon , emptied 300 rd mag in 6 seconds.Ya woo.

2. Hannah said on 1/23/2012,
Purchased on 10/28/2011

This is an outstanding gun. I've had it for three months now and it has been PHENOMENAL. It is extremely accurate, powerful, and durable. The rate of fire is INSANE and the fps is very good as well. I would HIGHLY recommend this gun to any airsoft player.

3. Jack said on 10/12/2011,
Purchased on 1/28/2011

I am always noticed when we meet up with new players and they say,"Awwww, what a cute lil' anime lookin gun.... You sure you wanna use that?", or, " hey, I saw that online but thought it was too exspensive!!". Then, when they find themselves on the recieving end, all the can say besides, "OUCH!!!!! I'm hit!! I'M HIT!!!!!" is...."How much did you spend? Where can I get one? Hell yea buddy! I want that!". My only upgrade since I got it was to go with a 1600 MaH battery for longevity. The rate of fire is sick, and mine chrono'd at 395FPS with .20gr. BBs. I know guys on my team that spent over 200 dollars and can't come close to my Dragon. On the list for next seasons upgrades... A tight bore extended barrel, upgraded gearbox and a Li-PoLy battery. I hope to see you on the CQB battle field, and you better hope you're on my team....LMAO!

4. Boomer said on 9/27/2011,
Purchased on 9/30/2009

5. dalton said on 9/24/2011,
Purchased on 9/15/2011

It can brake a pop can in half. It's made by JG and S.T.A.R,It's awesome! get the 300 round clip you won't regret it.have fun!

6. Wendy said on 9/20/2011,
Customer did not purchase this product from Trinity Airsoft

amazing the range is about 150 ft but when you get used to it, you can probably shoot up to 250 ft. best gun ever! extremely accurate up to 100 ft!

7. steven said on 7/27/2011,
Purchased on 12/24/2010

8. Jaye said on 4/20/2011,
Purchased on 4/14/2011

9. ethan said on 4/11/2011,
Purchased on 1/24/2011

its a great gun if you want an ergonomic CQB machine but for any more than that the gun dosent have the range.

10. Jeffrey said on 3/18/2011,
Purchased on 3/13/2011

Overall good gun. the mag that came with it does not work.

Showing comments 1-10 of 17 (Next 10) Click Here to see all comments