Echo 1 C.P.W. (Contractors Personal Weapon) AEG Airsoft Gun

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Price: $220.00
Kit Price: $220.00
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Battery typically included with Echo1 Airsoft Guns
Battery Included (FREE) Included in Total Price
Charger typically included with most Echo1 Airsoft Guns.
Charger Included (FREE) Included in Total Price
Smart Charger Deluxe by Tenergy Add $29.95
BBs/Ammo (6mm)
BBs listed have been tested to work with this airsoft gun but may or may not be recommended by the manufacturer. For best result and to maintain warranty (if any) only use high grade Japanese BBs.
None Selected Included in Total Price
1 bag AE 0.20g Black BBs 4000 rds Add $10.75
1 bag AE 0.23g BBs 2500 rds Add $10.50
1 bag TSD 0.25g BBs Black 5000 rds Add $15.00
1 bag TSD 0.26g BBs Biodegradable 5000 rds Add $25.00
Eye/Face Protection
Face / Eye protection not included but strongly recommended
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HFC Mesh Mask Black Add $24.95
HFC Mesh Mask OD Green Add $24.95
HFC Goggle Mask OD Green Add $24.95
Extra Magazine
Everyone needs atleast one extra magazine.
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ICS AK74 Style 550 rds Magazine Add $29.95
Echo 1 C.P.W. (Contractors Personal Weapon) Electric Airsoft Gun

  • Vertical Foregrip
  • LE RetractableStock
  • Full Metal Body
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Adjustable Metal Front and Rear Sights
  • Metal Bolt Carrier
  • Metal Trigger
  • Metal Dust Cover

ManufacturerECHO 1
Type (power source)Electric (AEG)
Velocity410+ fps w/.20g
Rate of Fire750-850 rpm
Weight12.25 LBS
Gear BoxVersion 3
Charger IncludedYes: Basic Non-Auto Off
Battery IncludedYes
Battery LocationUpper Receiver
Battery (recommended) 8.4v Stick Style
Plug TypeSmall
Magazine IncludedYes: 1 x 600rd
Recommended BB.20g - .25g 6mm
Inner Barrel Length455 mm
Made InChina

Package Includes: 1 x 600 rd Magazine, Battery, Charger, Cleaning Rod, Manual

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1. James said on 5/31/2011,
Purchased on 5/26/2011

I love this gun. the rof is awesome and never breaks on me. some people say it's to heavy but i am a average 14 year old and i can run around all day with my ak. Out of all my Guns this is one of the best

2. Thomas said on 1/18/2011,
Purchased on 12/18/2010

3. Wayne said on 7/15/2010,
Purchased on 3/5/2010

Our Echo 1 AK47 CPW AEG Airsoft Gun-JP-31 has turned out to be very disappointing. As heavy as it is, some parts of the gun are very flimsy. The battery cover and the rail above it (just behind the sight) has been loose and wobbly since we received the gun. They both fell off in the field and the two screws and spring from the hinged rail attachment were lost in the grass. Now the battery cover won't even stay in place on the gun without duct tape to keep it on. This is a piece of junk.

4. jessica said on 6/30/2010,
Purchased on 9/23/2009

Full Metal
430 fps with .2's
Pretty great rof with 9.6v
Without the top rail it looks like a tapco mod.
Easily scratched
Can'y adjust sights for windage.

5. Andrew said on 6/19/2010,
Customer did not purchase this product from Trinity Airsoft

this gun is great


Realistic(some people think this gun is too heavy but as an average 13 year old i can run around alll day with it
reliable version 3 gearbox
shoots fast
full metal
Very accurate
high cap mag


i got mine just out of the box and it was shooting realy hot....(450) so i couldnt play with at that feild
heavy(i like it but sum people might not

6. JONATHAN said on 4/3/2010,
Purchased on 3/27/2010


7. John said on 2/15/2010,
Purchased on 12/7/2009

After doing a lot of research, I decided to buy the C.P.W. And I must say I'm quite impressed. Don't listen to the people who say it's too heavy. I am a average 16 year old, and I've run up and down hills all day with no problems.

I can't say much about its performance out of the box because I had a 6.03 tight bore barrel put in before I even used it, but with a tight bore barrel, the accuracy and range is just amazing. I play with people who own M4s and scars who envy the accuracy and range of my AK. Not to mention that it is soooooo quiet! - Awesome for ambushes because no one will know where you are until they're out.

As far as the cons go, Id like to reiterate what Joshua said, I too severed a wire trying to put the battery in. You just have to be VERY careful when you put the battery in or you might break a wire. Also, I'm not that happy about the ROF, and since a 9.6v battery won't fit, it can't be changed.

Overall, the C.P.W is an awesome buy if you don't mind a relatively slow ROF and you are careful when putting the battery in.

8. Josh said on 1/13/2010,
Customer did not purchase this product from Trinity Airsoft

I ordered this gun about a year ago and have had no problems with it.It's my favorite gun I've ever owned. I've never lost a war with this gun or got out. Definitly no dought you should buy this gun. And thankyou trinity for having such good service and fast shipping.  trinity is number

9. Cornetta said on 12/6/2009,
Purchased on 11/22/2009

This gun is amazeing,a lil heavy awesome fire rate,awesome fire power,awesome price

10. Joshua said on 12/2/2009,
Purchased on 11/7/2009

This Gun is amazing! I can hit a soda can from across the yard with a dot sight that attached. Incredibly accurate, and it hits hard. This gun is EXTREMELY HEAVY, but that is why I got it, though I would recommend a sling.

The only issue is that on the second use the wire inside it severed, but it seems to be just an isolated incident, and the customer service for this company has offered to fix it AFTER I let my airsoft-modding friend try to put a better wire in. Really satisfied, and will post as to whether or not the wire problem is easily resolved

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