PSG-1 Springs Systema

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PSG-1 Springs Systema

PSG-1 Springs Systema

PSG-1 Upgrade Springs by Systema
When you are looking to increase your distance and power, consider a Systema Spring.  These are some of the very best springs available.   Springs Available for PSG-1:  160%, 200%, 300%, 400% 
Note: These springs are for PSG-1 only and will not work with other airsoft guns.
If you upgrade your spring above a 100/110 (which is more powerful than stock), then you may also need to upgrade other components in your AEG (gears, bushings, cylinder, battery, etc...) 
All AEG's are different and some may require more upgrades than others to perform at your desired level.  It is best to know your gearbox version and the current motor housed in your gun.  Do some research before you upgrade and you may save yourself a costly repair bill.  Feel free to consult with our Tech Dept.  Installation of components will void the manufacturer's warranty.
Spring PSG-1 160 Systema -
Product Discontinued

PSG-1 160

Spring PSG-1 200 Systema -
Product Discontinued

PSG-1 200

Spring PSG-1 300 Systema -
Product Discontinued

PSG-1 300

Spring PSG-1 400 Systema -
Product Discontinued

PSG-1 400

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